EMBC’s Health Questionnaire Analysis


EMBC Parish Nursing Survey Analysis of responses to questionnaire


  • The survey attracted a total of 212 responses, with 38% of the respondents male and 62% female.
  • When talking in general about services, the respondents selected stress management, healthy eating and exercise, though when talking about what they would like there was less interest in diet/exercise.
  • There was a level of interest in disease management though some further investigation into the actual demand is indicated.


There were a total of 212 responses, most of whom provided information on their age and sex. 38% of the respondents were male and 62% female.

age range male % female % all % East Kilbride population %
0-5 6
5 – 15 3 3 3 15
16 – 29 17 15 16 16
30 – 44 30 25 27 25
45 – 59 35 32 33 18
60 – 74 13 22 19 14
75+ 1 2 2 6

The respondents were somewhat older than the average for East Kilbride, although the oldest group (75+) were under represented.

Programme Topics

The Questionnaire asked about a number of potential Parish Nursing Programme topics. Excluding disease management (see below), the top 3 areas were stress management, healthy eating and exercise with around 70% of respondents expressing an interest. Topics with a reasonable degree of interest included Men/Women’s health issues (most respondents either ticked both of these areas, or neither), hospice and end-of-life issues, spiritual topics, CPR/First aid, and mental health issues, and smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Relationships, domestic violence, parenting and sexual health had a less than 40% response.

The areas with the lowest response (less than 30%) were dental health and safety in the home.

Topic Count % age
stress management 147 69
healthy eating 145 68
exercise 142 67
smoking, alcohol, drugs 119 56
mental health issues 116 55
CPR/first aid 110 52
spiritual topics 104 49
hospice, end-of-life issues 101 48
women’s health issues 97 46
men’s health issues 90 42
relationships 83 39
domestic violence 76 36
parenting 74 35
sexual health 71 33
safety in the home 64 30
dental health 46 22

Number of responses per topic (from 212 responses total)

Disease Management

Overall there was a reasonable degree of interest in disease management, In specific areas, 45% of respondents would like to see Diabetes management as a service that they would like to see. A smaller number of respondents expressed an interest in heart disease and stroke recovery. Other areas mentioned were Asthma, Autism, Bowel problems, Cancer, Crones and IBS, COPD, Dementia, Epilepsy, Mental health, anxiety, depression, MS, Osteoarthritis It is suggested that some further evaluation of the number of potential service users would be required in this area.

Support Groups

Most respondents (almost 90%) responded positively to the need for 1 or more support groups. However it was less clear which support groups should be prioritised. Grief support was selected by most respondents, followed by caregivers support. Following this there was a lower level of interest in Parenting, Exploring Spiritual Issues, weight management and healing services. Divorce, COPD/asthma and exercise had the least responses. There is an anomaly here in that exercise was one of the highest scoring responses in the “Topics” section of the questionnaire. No clear themes for additional support groups emerged – the following groups were mentioned but each by only one respondents.

  • mental health, anxiety, depression
  • families/caregivers supporting someone with mental health issues
  • marriage guidance
  • loneliness
  • Any chronic health eg pain
  • First Aid groups
  • health support
  • armchair exercises for elderly

Services Parish Nursing Should Provide

The questionnaire asked “In your opinion, the Parish Nurse should:” and listed a number of services that the Parish Nurse should provide. These are presented below ranked by the number of responses.

Service No of responses %age
Visit the housebound 134 63%
Have a page on the EMBC website 126 59%
Visit the hospitalised 116 55%
Provide health counselling to individuals 105 49%
Provide spiritual support 105 49%
Refer to appropriate community/medical services as needed 103 48%
Provide educational health information in EMBC e-news and newsletter 84 40%
Arrange health screenings at the church 78 37%
Make the congregation aware of social/legislative health care issues 77 36%
Provide educational materials on an information board 74 35%

Services People Might Use

The final question related to services that the respondents might use personally and asked simply “I might like …” and listed a range of services that might be provided.

Statement = I would like… Number of Responses %age
the Parish Nurse to visit me if I were hospitalised 94 44
to talk to the Parish Nurse about general health concerns 91 43
the Parish Nurse to be able to assist me in crisis situations 87 41
to talk to the Parish Nurse about health concerns of family members 84 40
to participate in health screenings at EMBC or The Village Centre 62 29
to talk to the Parish Nurse about spiritual health issues 60 28
to talk to the Parish Nurse about my diet/healthy eating 60 28
the Parish Nurse to be able to represent me in the health care system 49 23
to volunteer to help with the Parish Nurse programme 49 23
to participate in a Parish Nurse-sponsored exercise programme 44 21
to attend health-related Parish Nurse educational programmes 45 21
the Parish Nurse to go with me to doctor or hospital appointments 35 16

30 respondents did not select any of the options under the “I might like…” section and this should be taken into account when looking at the percentages given in this section.